AGD Leadership

The Ohio Academy of General Dentistry is led by a committed group of volunteer members who give their time, talents and efforts for the betterment of the organization.  The Ohio AGD Board of Directors are actively involved in providing leadership and direction for the Ohio AGD.

Elected Officers

Tyler Scott, DDS, FAGD
Immediate Past President
David W. Schlosser, DDS, MAGD, FADI
Hal Jeter, DDS, FAGD
Vice President
James W. Zimmerman III, DDS
Darrel Scott, DDS
Legislative Chair
L. Don Shumaker, DDS, MAGD
Robert L Ramus, DDS, MAGD
Region VII Trustee
Hans Guter, DDS, FAGD
Regional Director for Region VII (Ohio & Indiana)
Michael A Gordon, DDS, MAGD

Directors & Vice Directors

Director District I
William G Leffler, DDS, FAGD
Vice Director District I
Joseph Landry, DDS, MAGD
Director District II
Kevin J. Kramer, DDS, MAGD
Director District III
CE Chair
Public Information Officer
Keith A. Norwalk, DDS, MAGD
Director District IV
CE Co-Chair
Tyler Scott, DDS, FAGD
Director District V
David G. Austin, DDS, MS, DABOP, DABDSM
Vice Director District V
James Cottle, DDS, FAGD
Director District  VI
Kathy Brisley-Sedon, DDS, MAGD
Director District VII
Pace Approval Chair
Hal Jeter, DDS, FAGD
Director District VIII
CE Coordinator 
Hans Guter, DDS, FAGD
Director District IX
Diane Arel, DDS, MAGD
David W. Schlosser, DDS, MAGD
Vice Director District X
James W. Zimmerman III, DDS
Director District XI
Darrel Scott, DDS
Membership Chair
Pace Chair
Aparna Sadineni, DDS, MAGD

Faculty Advisors & Student Representatives

OSU Faculty Advisor
James Cottle, DDS, FAGD
Past Presidents
2016-2018 Aparna Sadineni, DDS, AAACD, MAGD, FICOI
2014-2016 David G Austin, DDS, MS1990-1992 Donald J Palenshus, DDS, MAGD
2012-2014 L. Don Shumaker DDS, MAGD1988-1990 Richard W Samuel, DDS, MAGD
2010-2012 Diane Arel, DDS, MAGD1986-1988 Robert L Ramus, DDS, MAGD
2008-2010 Robert Barsan, DDS, MAGD1984-1986 Marvin M Fisk, DDS
2006-2008 Kathy Brisley-Sedon, DDS, MAGD1982-1984 Donald D Decenso, DDS, FAGD
2004-2006 William H. Garber, DDS, FAGD1980-1982 L Don Shumaker, DDS, FAGD
2002-2004 Ronald J Palenshus, DDS, MAGD1978-1980 Elvin Feltman Jr DDS, MAGD
2000-2002 James C Schneider, DDS, MAGD1976-1978 Dwight M Pemberton, DDS, FAGD
1998-2000 Hans P Guter, DDS1974-1976 Edward B Jones, DDS, FAGD
1996-1998 Neal B Forbes, DMD1973-1974 Bernard J Dennison, DDS
1994-1996 Ervin P Mason, DDS1968-1973 Lionel J French, DDS, FAGD
1992-1994 Roger D Winland, DDS, MAGD